A Spin Bowling Guide

A spin bowling guide to make you top spinner

How about you stop being an average spin bowler and start being awesome instead?

Take wickets, restrict runs, and make batsmen look silly against you.

There are a thousand one things to know as a spinner. But many of us do not have good spin bowling coaches at our school or club.

So I put together a spin bowling guide that has been bought by hundreds of spin bowlers and helped them become the best spin bowlers they can be.

You can read a bit this guide below – and buy it if you think it can help your game.

For a start – I have hundreds of photos to explain techiques, like these:

The guide has hundreds of photos – like this one showing how the front arms and bowling shoulder should work together

Many of the phoos have mark ups to make things a bit more clear – this one shows how the body rotates around the pivot point


The guide is all my knowledge about spin bowling compiled into one product. Working through it will give you all you need to know to become the best spin bowler you can be.

It it is rated as one of the premium coaching products available at the cricket site PitchVision.

It consists of 4 products and 2 bonusses:


What’s in the Spin Bowling Project’s Guide?

1. THE SPIN BOWLING GUIDE (365 pages, 17 MB size)

Spin Bowling Project Guide

All the stuff you ever wanted to know about spin bowling. Well, all that and some more (as I will tell you plenty things you didn’t even knew you had to know)

All the techniques, the do’s and dont’s, the extremely useful tips, the advice, the pictures (hundreds), diagrams, sketches and when, how and why of spin bowling.

All in one super useful (and really cool looking) manual.

I talk technical skills, tactical acumen, mental toughness, exercises and drills and all the other soft skills needed.




Crciket Spin Bowling FitnessA fitness guide, by Brian Wardle (qualified fitness instructor from the UK), written specifically with spinners in mind. He certainly knows his stuff and show you a simple, practical way of training that gets results.

Strength and condition is vital if you want to be top (and injury free) spin bowler. This guide by an expert fitness instructor shows you what to do.

No more excuses for wandering in the gym not knowing what to do.



Spin Bowling Field PlacementI just know too many spin bowlers that simply do not know what to tell their captain how they want their field when they come on to bowl.

Not really the sign of a confident bowler.

This guide takes you through many game situations to help you start thinking about how you want to place your field, and how to adapt to different situations.

This will make you develop tactics that integrate better with your spin bowling.

It’s a sort of cheat sheet for field placements.



Spin Bowling Cricket InterviewA copy (mp3) of an interview I did with Cricket Coaching Director David Hinchliffe. We chatted for about 30 minutes on many aspects of cricket spin bowling.

Such as when to give up, how to run effective practise sessions, why the word spinner is really not a good description, what to do when you get frustrated, and more.

All good stuff, and will teach you much on the soft skills needed.


You also get:


You get a single free consultation with me. That can be by email or you can send video/photo for analyses.


Everytime I do an update to the guide you will receive an email with a new download link o the new version, for free.


I took many photos – like this one – showing the release of various different deliveries


Who wrote this?

Hi, My name is Menno. I have played as a spinner at the highest amateur levels for over a decade. Both with and against many international players.

Having coached since 15 I have a knack for getting the best out of players. To where they bowl much better than what I ever could. Not just the mechanical stuff like your grip and action, but what goes on in your head and the tactics to use.

And this guide is that knowledge.

I’ve also included close up shots of the grips and releases of all the different deliveries – both for off and leg spin


Just some of the nice things people have said about the guide

“It is an absolute must-have for any aspiring spin bowler, coach or student of the game, and I highly recommend it.” Nicholas Northcote, International (Associate) and First Class Cricketer

“I thought this guide was absolutely superb. The flip-book style photos were seriously useful as the photos show all stages of the bowling action. The tactics and field placings section really got me thinking about different strategies to get a batsman out. Highly recommended. – James Bowen, Australia

“I thought the ebook is top notch. I feel like i have come on leaps and bounds. It has really helped me get side on for a more consistent line and length, thank you.” – Jay Ansley- UK

“I think is a excellent production equally for players and the coaches. I gained a lot of knowledge and was very inspired unit in overall Eranga Mendis – UK


Some of the things you will learn with this guide:


I’ve put my heart and soul into this guide and I know you will love it. It comes to you as a download when you buy it here.


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I wish you luck and many wickets

Menno G